Part 2 – Engaging the Circle

Tuition: $535 (payable in advance of studies)* 

Mentors: Susanne F. Fincher, Marilyn F. Clark, & Susan P. Johnson

Independent study of the mandala will be structured in two units to be completed before taking Part 3: Integrating the Circle


Correspondence Course based on Susanne Fincher’s book Creating Mandalas: For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression. You will receive a copy of Susanne’s book along with a self-administered exam to complete and return to your mentor. Susanne’s book is yours to keep. Tests are scored when received. Correct answers on 60 of 69 questions will be considered a successful completion. An exam with fewer than 60 correct answers will be returned for revision by the student. This process will continue until the student has correctly answered 60 exam questions.

Individual or collaborative study project grounded in experience with – or research about – mandalas. Marilyn, Susanne or Susan will be designated your mentor based on availability and expertise in your field of inquiry. You are responsible for designing your mandala study project, with support and input from your mentor. You may call upon your mentor for up to 6 hours of support (face to face, by telephone or email).In addition, the mentors will offer group telephone consultations. Examples of projects could include:

  • Scholarly research into the mandala making tradition in a culture other than your own, described in a written paper
  • Keeping your own mandala diary and analyzing your mandalas over time to describe your own vocabulary of forms and colors in a slide presentation or CD
  • Joining with others to organize and offer a mandala making activity as part of a community festival, in a school, or a church, documented by a scrapbook, a published newspaper article, or a web site


This project is an opportunity for you to pursue your curiosity, check out your impressions, and go deeper into your interest in mandalas. It is recommended that you read and research relevant literature, and give careful thought to the project you choose to do. Please refer to the code of ethics for research as given by your profession. You may also find guidelines for research on the American Art Therapy Association website

Aim to spend about 40 hours completing your assignments for Engaging the Circle. You will have an opportunity to share your project at Part 3: Integrating the Circle

 *Cancellation Policy: Full refund given upon receipt of written request along with book and exam in good condition prior to mentorship consultations. If mentor has been consulted,$60 per mentorship hour will be deducted from refunds.