Mandala Certificate Program Graduates

These graduates of the Mandala Certificate Program (MCP) have successfully completed the requirements that they receive instruction from Susanne Fincher and Marilyn Clark during two 5- day Mandala Intensives, take part in supervision in the use of mandalas, and perform and present an independent study project related to mandalas. They have been awarded a Certificate of Completion and are qualified to present mandala teachings based on the work of Susanne F. Fincher, MA, LPC, ATR-BC.


Kathryn Costa
Project: The Goddess Within the Great Round

MelindaJoy Pattison
Project: Mandala Workshop Condensed

Myrian Romero
Cristina Paula e Souza
Marcia Regina Rosa
Project: Mandala Training – A Creative Path Toward Essence

Paige Scheinberg
Memphis, TN
Project: A Mandala Journal for Creativity Development and Personal Explorations

2014 MCP celebration

Gisela Garcia
Caracas, Venezuela
Project: Mandalas and Fibromyalgia

Rachelle Oppenhuizen
Holland, MI
Project: Community Building: Dynamics of Group Mandala Creations

John Spaulding
New Orleans, LA
Project: Hildegard Mandalas: An Experiment in Visio Divina

Antonia Van Dyken
Grand Rapids, MI
Project: An experiential exploration of the myth of Inanna, chakras, and the Archetypal Stages of the Great Round of Mandala


Susan Johnson
Decatur, GA
Project: Developed materials and themes for creating mandala journals.

Lynn Karegeannes
Asheville, NC
Project: Researched various threads of symbolism related to mandalas, and developed mandala collage techniques for a workshop setting.


Marion Rhyne
Concord, NC
Project: Handcrafted twelve felt mandalas as she explored the qualities of the twelve stages of the Great Round.

Liz-Anne Jonassen
Bragg Creek, AB, Canada
Project: Crafted twelve small wooden mandalas, each depicting an incident in the story of the Celtic goddess Cerridwen.

Gail Blate
PO Box 1460
Columbus, NC
Project: Sewed fabric quilts in archetypal mandala designs.


Debra Alvis
1551 Jennings Mill Road, Suite2000B
Bogart, GA 30622 (Athens area)
Project: Created workshops integrating yoga and mandalas.

Starr Regan DiCiurcio
The Mandala Studio
Queensbury, New York
Project: Created a personal mandala journal exploring her Irish heritage during a trip to Ireland.

Dr.ssa Annalisa Ippolito
Bologna, Italy
+39 06.916.504.236
Project: Developed a glossary of terms related to mandalas for her mandala website.

Kathryn Bell
Bloomington, IN
Project: Created a curriculum for a series of mandala groups.

Shelley Szoka
Madison, AL
Project: Created a series of greeting cards with mandala designs for coloring on the front.


Lacy Camp
Athens, GA
Project: Explored the divine feminine through creation of a series of mandalas.

Wanda Gail Campbell
Huntsville, AL
Project: Facilitated several spirituality workshops using mandalas.

April Forsbrey
Greensboro, NC
Project: Compared the Great Round with concepts of deep ecology

Barbara Larsen
Tucker, GA
Project: Created a series of twelve circular metalwork brooches based on the mandala forms of the Great Round.

Vera Shenk
Goshen, IN
Project: Exploring the usefulness of mandalas for the understanding of a trauma complex.


Gail Bacher
Memphis, TN
Project: Report on a time limited mandala group with adults.

Barb Davis
Glenn Allen, VA
Project: Workshop experience based on Native American Medicine Wheel

Kay Montgomery
Roanoke, VA
Project: Assessing change: a comparison of mandalas and models of change.

Lainey Grace
Richardson, TX
Project: Mandala as indicator of results of bodywork intervention based on Chinese energy paradigm

Mary Donald
Devon, PA
Project: Compared mandalas created daily for several months with concurrent phases of the moon.