Frequently Asked Questions

Many mandalas, one artist
Can you interpret my mandala for me?

We do not tell you what your mandala means. Only you, the mandala’s artist, can fully resonate with its meaning. We schedule appointments with individuals who wish to review and explore personal meanings in their art. You may contact us at to schedule an appointment.

What books have you written? Where can I get copies of your books?

For a description of our books visit “Marketplace.” Books are often available at your local bookstore. If not, your local book seller can order them for you. Susanne’s books are also available online directly from the publisher at Marilyn’s books are available through and

Where and when are you presenting mandala workshops?

Please see our calendar for our upcoming offerings: Calendar

Do you ever present workshops near where I live?

When we go outside of Atlanta to present mandala teachings, we go at the invitation of a sponsoring individual or group who are willing and able to shoulder the responsibility of organizing, promoting, and taking registration for the workshop in a venue they select and pay for. We expect that our travel expenses, room and board be paid. In addition, we usually receive an honorarium. We can bring some art supplies, but, of course, we prefer that art supplies be provided by a local sponsor. In the event that we present a week long Mandala Intensive for your group, we will bring a co-leader as well. Her expenses and travel, as well as an honorarium will be in addition.

Where can I find an art therapist in Georgia?
Professional art therapists are listed here:
Art therapists in private practice

How do I become an art therapist?

Becoming a credentialed art therapist requires training. For more information we suggest you visit these websites:
Georgia Art Therapy Association
Georgia Art Therapy
American Art Therapy Association
Art Therapy Credentialing Board

Where would you recommend that I get training in art therapy?

We cannot recommend one art therapy Master’s program above another. Get a listing of art therapy Master’s degree programs at, and review each program in light of your personal goals.

Do you think art therapy is a good field to go into? Can I make a living doing art therapy?

From Susanne: I have found art therapy a very rewarding career. I can only speak with authority about the situation in Georgia, where I live and work. There are still few positions advertised here for art therapists, but more and more trained art therapists are making a living doing what they love to do. Art therapists may have job titles such as art education instructor, marriage & family therapist, special education teacher, expressive arts therapist, and recreational therapist. Art therapists here sometimes opt to do several part time contract positions that add up to full time employment. Some art therapists work in private practice. A career as an art therapist requires that you be creative, flexible, and open minded. Financial rewards should not be your primary motivation.