Create Your Own Mandala


Mandalas are circular designs that can be created in many different ways. Mandalas can be shaped of clay, of leather, or of flowers. Mandalas need not be physical objects. They can be danced, dreamed, or imagined with your mind’s eye. Here is one way to go about creating a mandala.


Invest in top quality pencils, chalks, pastels, or paints. The extra cost is more than offset by their being easier to work with and giving more pleasing results. Select paper in a size and color you like. Paper can be loose or bound in a book or drawing pad.

Creating Your Mandala

Gather your materials and go to a quiet, private space. Light a candle or burn incense to establish a reflective mood. You may find it helpful to sit quietly for a few moments of prayer or meditation before beginning your mandala. This helps focus your attention on messages from the unconscious. Perhaps an image, a color, or even a movement will come to you as the beginning point for your mandala.

Next draw a circle freehand, with a compass, or traced around a plate or other template. Then fill in the circle with color and form. Allow your mandala to unfold with as little thought as possible. Let go of all your notions about how a mandala should look. There are no “right” or “wrong” mandalas.

When you have completed your mandala, write the day’s date on it, then put it somewhere in your living space where you can walk by and see it often. Let it be part of your life for a few days. Be open to receive any messages it has for you.