Chris Rough Baschon

“The mandalas here represent where I have been, where I am, and quite possibly where I am going. Drawing mandalas has served as a means of self-therapy to deal with the trials, tribulations, and successes ever evolving in my life. “



Red Lotus ( 05/05/04 )

This mandala began with thoughts of the first chakra and meditation. The color red is symbolic of the chakra and the lotus flower was drawn to create a center of interest. The swirling colors give a sense of femininity and flow. Some of the swirls go beyond the confines of the circle much like my life is spent: “outside of the box.”



Chakra Fractured ( 05/30/04)

This mandala represents the shattering of my family when a terminal illness struck my father. The red is representative of the first chakra (a Hindu term for invisible energy fields in the body) and is associated with family. I added the yellow to symbolize that this shattering can be seen in a positive light after time and healing.



DaVinci Revisited ( 06/11/04 )

I drew this while feeling very contemplative. Consequently, the three figures hidden amongst the “stained glass” are in different stances, with one kneeling in prayer. The colors were chosen randomly, or maybe they chose me. The adding of color to the drawing was a prayerful process too.



Dance d’Edisto ( 06/24/04 )

I drew this mandala while at Edisto . It’s a magical place to me with the flow of the ocean, the tides, sunsets, and the moon all blending to create one huge dance of nature. The atmosphere is teaming with life and fun. While there, I feel very much “in the flow.” Coincidently, it was at Edisto where I was conceived, according to my dad.